21 June 2010

- 1 for camera, + 5 for Sari quilt!

Well, it seems my camera battery is pretty much out of commission for the forseeable future.  It won't hold a charge for more than a few minutes - not even long enough to take a picture and then get it onto the computer before the battery dies.  Sigh. Luckily, a new one's only about $15, so I'll get one on payday.  ...I just hope the battery is actually the problem.  Everything else seems to work fine, so, here's hoping.  

Add to this the fact that I have about three hours during the day when there's enough natural light in the house to get nice pictures for you, during which I was working and the house was torn apart yesterday, I have no shots of anything I did over the weekend.  So you don't get to see:

  1. The little semi-shrine for Ganesh I created in the living room with a little statue I recently got in a raffle, and a side table I painted yesterday. 
  2. Any of the "new" houseplants I did yesterday - same plants, actually, but some in new pots, some in freshly painted pots, and most in new places in the house. Or...
  3. An astounding, breathtaking gift from a friend which came completely by surprise yesterday:   a queen-sized silk quilt made of sari borders patched together, handmade for my friend in India many years ago while she was there, by a local shop.  This she gave to me yesterday, simply because (a) she wasn't using it anymore and (b) she knows I adore Indian textiles.  I think I'm actually in shock.  It's exactly what I've always wanted on my bed; but with eight four-legged companions, two of which enjoy fucking up fabrics, there's no WAY I'm using it as a bedspread.  I think I'll find a way to mount it on a wall as an art piece.  Have I mentioned, by the way, how much I love tapestries and fabric art on the wall?  <3

So:  camera battery on payday.  Until then...we'll see what happens.  Hopefully that week I'll also find out that I've won the HGTV/World Market Antonio Treatment sweepstakes and have a $10,000 gift card to my favorite store.  :o)


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