16 August 2010

Bedroom Update!

Remember the sari-quilt that I hung on the wall last week

I brought a shelf in from the living room over the weekend, slapped a curtain up on it, some candles, and the Buddha statue that had been living in one of my gardens in the backyard (I'd taken the garden down a few weeks ago to re-do it): 

Yay, candles!  

Media storage is a BIG issue in the living room - there's lots of furniture in there, but only so much hidden storage for all the CDs, DVDs, and yes, even old VHS tapes. I could never figure out what to do with all the tapes - they're so big, the cases were all ratty with age and use, we hardly ever watch them (but are keeping them around until we replace them with DVDs), and I couldn't ever figure out what to do with them in there. So they're on this shelf, under the curtain!  Secret storage, tee-hee! 


I have more updates for you this week, since I finally got around to taking some serious photographs over the weekend.  I'll show you more of the bedroom, my master bathroom, the little things I've been doing in the living room since I painted it last month, the new dining room table, and a bit about that china cabinet I talked about last week, as well.



  1. *cringes* It's lovely...very, very lovely...but the candles next to the quilt make the ol' lady very nervous. O.O

  2. Oh yeah, that's what i'm talkin' about!!! Your space looks awesome, Laura! did you try baskets for the dvd/video storage? What i have is three fabric collapsible boxes where I've put all the older VHS/dvds. One huge picnic basket (thrifted-go goodwill!) in our family room holds the DVDs currently in use.

  3. Hehe. Don't worry, Racu, the candles are farther away from the fabric than it looks. And to be honest, I probably will hardly ever light them, except for photo-taking purposes. :)

    Thanks, GB! I haven't tried baskets yet - I haven't been able to afford to get any new ones, hehe. I have a few, but they're all being sock-drawers in my closet right now :) I may "graduate" to baskets one day, and take the curtain down; for now I'm just happy to have that junk out of sight. :)


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