24 September 2010

More Sewing Room "Afters": Storage Boxes

Remember the, uh, "storage" situation in my sewing room?

I know.  UGH.  Ugly, beat-up, naked cardboard boxes.  Too-big-for-the-shelf cardboard boxes.  Stuffed-full-of-crap-I-don't-use cardboard boxes.  

Today I browser-window shopped while I was at work*...and then I scavenged the Box Graveyard that the people in shipping keep making in my nice, organized file room (grrr) and...brought home several more cardboard boxes.  New, crisp cardboard boxes.  Smaller cardboard boxes.

After work, I busted out some black stripe and black-white flocked damask-print gift-wrap that I'd been saving for a rainy ugly-cardboard kind of day, and...

Cheater!  Fronts only, to conserve both wrapping paper and tape, which I discovered tonight is in pretty short supply around my house - also because the sides of the boxes won't show when they're put away. (They won't, right?).

Et voila!

Much better!

Not that I'm "done" or anything.  Off camera to the right is a mountain of BS I still have to sort through, most of which will be recycled or thrown away.


 Whatever.  ;)


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