01 October 2010

Decorating A Home Away From Home

I could NOT think of anything to post today - I'm too excited about my camping trip this weekend, which kicks off in only three short hours! 

But what better way to combine vacation and blogging than to talk about my campsite?  LOL.  Seriously, check THIS guy out.  Best Ikea-hack of all time.  OF ALL TIME:

So if I'm ever trapped hungry and freezing in an Ikea store....wait...  that would actually be kind of awesome.  Also, the restaurant has stoves.

But I digress.

I'm actually not kidding about the campsite - this is no out-in-the-woods-with-bears camping, this is another women's festival like I go to in June every year, and we do what we call "Aphrodite Camping"...creature comforts + whatever creative decor we can come up with.

Imagine this: 

this is where I'm going!
 With a circle of tents draped in sarongs and tapestries, with rugs scattered all over the ground, cushions for lounging, low tables draped with fabrics and covered with food, drink, and incense...

something like this...
Now THAT's camping!  We hang ribbons and lanterns and banners in the trees, light candles on the picnic tables, and ring the campfire area with 6' Tiki torches to light the way when the fire's not going, and to illuminate the drum circle that forms around the campfire every night.

hm...did I pack my palm trees?

And, of course, we take it all down afterward, and leave the gorgeous Hill Country site as clean - or cleaner - than we found it. 

I'll post actual pictures of my actual campsite next week when I get back.  Everyone have an awesome weekend!  I know I will!



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