12 December 2010

Before & After: Demo Sunday

You remember this guy, right?  The old computer desk? 


Now it's a pile of plywood.  Plus a pretty large section of front trim facing, which I haven't taken apart yet because I don't know if I want to save it or not - it's screwed together really well, and the screw heads are ALL stripped out, so I may just break it apart and throw it away to save my aching hands the extra hassle.

tools of destruction

I am now short one computer desk, but I have gained:
  • a bunch of large, nice pieces of plywood to use for other things
  • two sets of drawer sliders (one from the drawer and one from the keyboard tray)
  • six small nail-in furniture feet
  • 4 push-in shelf supports
  • 8  2" screws and 6 tiny ones from the drawer sliders
  • a ton of floorspace in the garage that is no longer taken up by a computer desk!
  • a ton more floorspace, since while I was out there I broke down an enormous pile of cardboard boxes and stuffed it all into the recycling bin, which I'd been meaning to get around to doing for months
  • an asthma attack from all the dust I kicked up  :( 
I have to say, I'm loving my little red tool cart - it was SO nice just having everything right in front of me, instead of having to walk across the entire room to go get a screwdriver or a pair of pliers.  I do still have some things hung on the wall on the other side of the room from my work area;  I keep saying I'm going to move that tool rack to the work area, but I haven't done it.  I'll go move it as soon as I can breathe again. 

As for plans for things to do with all this wood...who knows?  The possibilities are endless.  The first project is going to be turning that drawer into a medicine cabinet for the master bathroom:  I have hardware to hang it on the wall, small bits I can use for shelves, a small piece of plywood from the desk that would make a perfect door, a box of knobs to choose from, several small magnetic door catches I might use, and I think I may even still have a small set of hinges lying around somewhere.  To the Parts Cave!



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