21 December 2010

Wildebeests: Guitar Rack (Part II)




Much better, yes?  

This is what the black pipe insulation was for.   If it looks like the pegs are spaced differently, it's because they are:  we have two different types of guitars that need to go into this rack, with different body widths.

Of course, they're not 100% secure like this:  the weight of the guitars + the angle at which they lean makes this a very stable setup, but in order for this to be cat-proof we need...

 Dog collars.  No, seriously:  3/4 black nylon dog collars with plastic click-locks, affixed to the back of the top of the rack, which will wrap snugly (and softly) around the neck of each guitar.  Just in case.

I'm also going to hang a plastic file folder container off the back of this unit, to store music, books, and bits and pieces like tuners and pencils and cables.   


After the rack was done, Kress and I had one more project:  putting a strap on my guitar, which is the acoustic in the first "after" picture.  That doesn't sound like a big deal, until you consider two things:  
  1. I had to drill two holes in the guitar, in order to install "buttons" (pegs) that a strap attaches to, and 
  2. my guitar is thirty-seven years old.   
I just about had a freaking heart attack, but with Kress' steady hands and calm reassurance, we got the holes drilled without incident, and I didn't die from fright.  Plus now I can play standing up.  :o)


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