22 March 2011

Outdoor B&A: Back Porch

The other thing I did over the weekend...


Old dog-chewed table, piles of empty pots, dirt, old doormat just thrown on the ground (not visible in picture), garden tools left out.

"After:"         *work in progress

Porch decluttered, swept and washed, "toys" put away.  New table (from in the house), Ficus tree moved to the front to shade the chair in the back.

(No, the chairs don't match.  Yes, the black wicker chair is the twin to the one that's now in the bedroom. Just go with it).

 The other corner, cleaned up, bunch of matching pots = beginning of a container garden.  Little Indian cowbell hung next to the door where I can whack it every time I go through. :)

And the ceiling's painted blue; but it's been that way for a couple of years.  I heart it. :)

<-- that blue hanging pot I painted to make it look like ceramic.  It does...when it's not covered with dust.  Whoops.  It's also been empty since the day I hung it up there FOUR YEARS AGO.  Double whoops.  

Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus) - one of my very favorite annual tropicals.  This little guy was five bucks.  I'm gonna put more in the blue strawberry jar behind it (I painted that!), with some yellow and maybe some bright red, too. 

To be continued...



  1. Nice..wait...yellow? Who are you and what have you done with Laura??

  2. Flowers - not yellow THINGS. Think how cool a *couple* of yellow or yellow-ish flowers and some red ones will look with the purple leaves in the turquoise pot! :D

  3. Know what that seating arrangement needs? A brightly colored outdoor rug in front of it. Something to coordinate with the new table and tie the whole space together.


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