29 June 2011

Time Out For Some Leafy Business

Seems to be a little problem with uploading pictures today (argh).  So, rather than blathering on about my living room some more, here are a couple of landscaping updates:

The grass on the east side of the yard is getting fluffy and thick and dark, a far cry from only three months ago when I first leveled the ground and started throwing out new seed and laying down fresh sod:

My Mexican Orchid Tree is about four feet high now.  It'll be over my head in another couple of months (it grows fresh from the roots every Spring; so each Winter after it goes dormant I cut the entire thing down to the ground): 

ignore the furniture - it's keeping a certain dog from digging under here

And my Mulberry Tree, which was a gift from the birds four years ago, has gone from this:

March 2007
 To this!   This year it's finally big enough to block the neighbors' view into my yard (and windows) on the entire western half of the yard.  It's huge!  And while I haven't gotten any decent berries out of it yet (and won't, until it's fully mature, which should be next year or in 2013), the birds LOVE the tiny, almost-berries it's producing now.

June 2011

Um...yeah, not much grass on the west side of the yard.  Once the east half is done, this will be the next section I work on.  :)



  1. Looks like you need to prune your tree to get rid of those really tight crotches before it gets any bigger.

  2. They're not as tight as they look from this angle in the pic. I keep an eye on it. :)

  3. *nods* "Twere I, I'd take off those two side branches and thin out the canopy just a little. YMMV, as they say.

  4. Like I said, they're not as close together as it looks. And the big one on the left (in this picture) actually ends up making up a good third of the overall canopy - if I removed that one, it would unbalance the entire tree, possibly even enough to make it vulnerable to being ripped out of the ground by the crazy-ass winds that tear through that part of the yard in the Fall. Before this tree was here, I had a [cottonless] Cottonwood for two years that got lifted out of the ground entirely in a storm. O_O


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