30 June 2011

Wildebefore + After: Floor Lamp

So, that lamp I was priming last week. 
It got a shiny silver paint job, and a $13 Ikea  OLLSTA shade, painted silver to match...

Here it is, tucked into a cozy little corner that is quickly becoming my favorite thing in the newly-rearranged living room. 

(I'm still working on re-arranging everything, and de-cluttering certain areas, and futzing with the houseplants.  My camera's working again, though, for the time being. So that's good.  Real update on that coming soon!) 

HGTV via Pinterest

This was my inspiration.  This is a room done by Candice Olsen, on her show Candice Tells All.  I fell in LOVE with the silver floor lamp back there by the windows.

Obviously, mine's no designer lamp - it's a spray-painted thrift store find with an Ikea fix.  But it's silver.  And I loooove the way it glows through the silver shade.


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