01 July 2011

Surfing Craigslist

I have no real updates today, since I'm in the middle of like fourteen different things and none of them are truly finished yet (story of my life).  I very nearly posted an old coffee table on Craigslist this morning that I've been moving around the house for like 8 years, unable to use it, but unable to part with it...until it dawned on me that I could take it apart and make it into something new!  I'm sketching out plans today; and meanwhile, I got sucked into Craigslist, and since misery loves company, I thought I'd share some nifty finds...

Here's a nifty little bookshelf with great refinishing potential.  It's solid wood, about four feet high, and only $20!  It would make a great hutch on top of a desk or dresser, or a media cabinet for a living room or office. 

The existing finish isn't in terrible shape, and could easily be cleaned, patched with a stain pen, and re-sealed - or it could be buffed down and painted.  Maybe some cute little feet for the bottom?

Glass-n-brass ceiling fan light sconces, 1984.  Reminds me of the old lights they had at Pizza Huts back then, over the tables.  You could put them on a ceiling fan, or use them in porch lights, small hanging fixtures;  or flip them over, cap off the bottoms, and use them to make sparkly little tabletop terrariums in the garden.

A fantastic little Louis  chair with a wide seat.  GREAT upholstery practice piece!  I'm thinking a deep cherry finish, maybe a tufted teal velvet? Yum. Not bad at $125.

Oh. My. God.  Have I ever mentioned that I ADORE barrister bookcases?  Only $120! Solid oak, functional doors and the glass looks to be in great shape.  This one's all one piece - originally these were designed to be moved while full of lawbooks and documents, one section at a time, if need be, and several would be stacked on top of one another. The glass doors on this one flip up and slide back on top of each shelf, out of the way.

This is exactly why I don't look at Craigslist when I have a fresh paycheck in my hot little hands.  I don't need food this week, right?? 


Brass + glass, and 36" wide.  This HUGE chandelier is only $95.  I'm not a fan of bright, gold-toned brass myself;  it would look great antiqued a bit to darken the tone, or done in an old, tarnished-silver color.

One of several cute, cheap little room dividers.  I love this one just as it is.  I can totally see this in the guest room I haven't fixed up yet, or out in the lush, green, secluded garden retreat I don't have in my backyard.

Good bones on this fan.  All-black is a bit much for my purposes (craft room, office, bedroom), but it's much easier (and safer) to start with a base in a metal color you like and change the blades and sconces, rather than the other way around. (You can spray-paint the motor housing, but good luck making sure the overspray doesn't get in there and screw up the motor).  $50

Everyone have a fun, safe weekend!


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