15 September 2011

Garden Plan Sketches!

I just love making these.  I finally figured out how to get my scanner to understand that they're drawings and not "documents" in plain black and white. What? I never claimed to be good with machines (well, power tools, but I digress).

Anyhow, you saw the garden "floorplans" last week that I made with Icovia Space Planner:

The following sketch is what you'd see if you were standing behind my Mulberry tree (the big green thing above) and the tree was invisible.  Small (2x2') raised garden beds in front of the bedroom windows, the patio shade thing I'm going to be putting up in the next few weeks, and the two (full-grown) Chastetrees - one of which I planted last weekend.

from the west, behind the M. tree.

 Looking at the yard from the east - which, technically the perspective here is from my next-door-neighbor's yard, and I certainly hope he can't see this much!  (That's what the shade, the vines on the side of the porch, and the Chastetrees are for).  The letters in the picture go to a key on the actual drawing, that I cut because my handwriting is atrocious.
A.  The existing patio area is 10x11'.  I need to remove a whole (2' wide) course of stones to make the space the size I want it to be for future plans.
B.  10' 4x4 posts, planted 18" deep in the ground, to support a canvas canopy that will swing over to the eaves of the house over the porch, to shade the patio.  Painted black.
C.   I'm thinking of putting a Bouganvillea by the eastern post (the west side already has my big Mexican Orchid Tree behind it).  It's one of my very favorite sub-trops, and my favorite color of Bouganvillea seems to have made a comback - it's all over the nurseries this season!  I'd better grab one before it's too late. Again.

from the east

There's a wee 6x4' section of lawn that sticks back behind the side of the porch, and is the only place in my yard with shade.  It's a bit of a pit of dead grass at the moment, but it's perfect for some fluffy, shade-loving things I don't normally have spots for.  The trellis out in the yard (near the Chastetree) is going to be hung on the corner of the fence (thank you, Ikea, for flat-packing this thing so that it hinges in the middle, making it REALLY versatile), and will become home to, I hope, a beautiful red "Niobe" Clematis.  Underneath will go some Lady's Mantle, Bird's Nest ferns, and maybe a Bleeding Heart

here's my little Chastetree!    ^                     

I have a LOT of digging to do this Fall.



  1. Um, Black? Will be hot as hell under there in the summer. http://www.beyondoilnyc.org/cool-roofs.html

    I have a Niobe clematis, they like sun, but their roots like shade...they tend to fade (as in not grow or bloom) once the Texas heat hits, but will come right back with cooler weather...70s with a a bit of rain and sunny days. Quite amazing, really.

    Oh, and send me a salmon this time, would ya? I'm really tired of taking the bones out of the carps...

  2. I guess I wasn't clear - the *frame* will be painted black. The canvas roof will be plain white canvas. You remember the part where I'm not an idiot, right? ;)

  3. Aaaahhh... I was kind of wondering...LOL. Is this MY Laura??

    Whar's me fish, girlie??

  4. Uh...was I supposed to bring you fish??

  5. You said you would send a dead fish in the mail to trolls and a-holes.... Seems I harass you enough, lol. *smooch*


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