17 November 2011

Craft Room Shelves, Take III

Craft Room Shelves 

I don't think I've ever, in my life, taken THIS long to put up one damned set of shelves.  I keep finding myself one bracket short (and cue Peanut Gallery).

three out of four ain't bad?
The good news is, I'm one bracket away from putting up the fourth and final shelf, and then I can go get some plastic boxes from Ikea to store all that fabric in, to keep dust off of them.  I also need to re-organize the closet a bit so I can fit those last two gray bins into it: they're both full of old costumes, and upholstery fabric, none of which I want to put out on the shelves.

before: stacks of tubs, ack! 

I also moved all the cat boxes from the guest bath cabinet into this room.  They're on the floor under the shelves, for now, until I can get some sort of enclosure built around them to keep the litter dust from flying, and to camouflage the, er, boxes of turds and sand.  º~º   So, building stuff YAY.

To be [perennially] continued...


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