10 April 2012

A Short Post About Plants

Since I couldn't decide what exactly to do with the herbs I got at the Zilker Garden Festival a couple of weekends ago, I went ahead and put them in pots on the back porch, for now.  I can still transplant them into the ground later if I want to, provided I don't wait so long that it gets too hot. 

from the bottom up:  Jamaica Hibiscus, Applemint,
French Lavender.  The last one is the Lemon Balm
I found in the yard a few weeks ago.  

the French Lavender. 

White Yarrow, a survivor of the ex-herb garden, still in its
original spot.  I could move it, but I kind of like it where it is.
It's almost monumental. 

Meanwhile, I really love the front garden bed this year.
Really pretty mix of foliage types and colors.   

And the rose is doing spectacularly well, with almost no help
from me at all (all I do is deadhead it). 


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