13 July 2012

Wait...How'd It Get To Be July Already??

I heard a theory once that the reason time seems to move more swiftly when we get older is because as children, we're noticing everything, all the time, for the first time - we soak up every detail, and the world is full of new wonders.  We see more, we retain more, and our memory (and hence, our sense of the passage of time) seems stretched out, fuller.  As we get older and our focus narrows ever more towards going from point A to point B and getting grownup things done, we pay attention to all the little details of the broader world around us - we focus on it less, and so it seems less significant.  We're paying attention to the time we don't have instead, and our sense of the passage of time narrows as well, making it seem like things move faster and faster.

HOW is 2012 half over already?  Jeez.

June In Review

  • remodeled the Clematis vine trellis on the back porch (update: the vines are now halfway up the new trellis already!  Pics as soon as they start really filling out). 
  • thinking about replacing the 2yo "new" couch cover
  • booked a cruise with my BFF!  OMG U GUYZ 
  • pruned the Mexican Orchid Tree in the backyard
  • noticing lots of things breaking and in need of maintenance around the house all of a sudden

Plans of Many Things
As I mentioned yesterday, I've been hella-busy with the costume sewing, and now that I'm finished for a while, I have lots of things around the house to do: 

  • there's a little homeless side table that needs painting and a new top, for the bedroom
  • a shelf in my closet needs some work, and the dresser in there is coming out into the bedroom
  • more ceilings to paint white
  • There's [always] more gardening/yardwork to do
  • I need to do a HUGE Knick Knack Rodeo (wherein I collect all the gewgaws from around my house, and separate the things I love from the things I've simply amassed over the past year because they were on sale) 
  • I may or may not be repainting the master bathroom - not an overhaul, just a slight color adjustment.  
  • That bathroom, and the guest bath, both need a little bit of tweaking, too 

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