26 August 2013

Look What I Found!

Ladies and germs, I give you:  one 36x40x4" bathroom medicine cabinet, with three hinged and mirrored doors, two interior shelves, and all mounting hardware included.

For nine dollars.


The thrift gods have smiled down upon me.  I had a thing to do Tuesday night, halfway between work and home, so, rather than waste gas running back and forth, I dawdled, and decided to check out a Goodwill I hadn't been into before.  I scored a couple of pretty sweet finds, but this was the best.  

Mind you, it was freaking FILTHY.   

One of the things I find the most entertaining about thrifted furniture is the forensic exploration portion of the job.  For instance, in the process of cleaning the heinous nastiness from this piece (seriously, these people must never have cleaned their house. Ever), I discovered not only lots of globs of toothpaste, some of which were in places that wouldn't have happened accidentally, but also glitter lip gloss smears, tiny fingerprints, and the dust-and-crud-encrusted rings of small bathroom glasses, along with impressions in the gunge of small toothbrushes, and some water damage.  This hung in a child's bathroom.  More than one child, likelier than not.

Thankfully, the water damage was minor, and easily repaired.  This cabinet is MDF through and through, which means all I had to do was slice and patch.  Another wee blessing:  the gook came off this thing with very little effort, revealing a factory paint finish in surprisingly good shape for how vile it looked from the outside.

Nearly all the work on this piece happened yesterday, : disassembly, cleaning, repair, priming, and painting.  I haven't hung it in its new home, but I'll be doing that this week*  and showing you the results as soon as I can.

Here's a hint:

via Pinterest, from efurniturehouse.com

* tonight? Maybe.   Stay tuned. 


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