14 August 2013

Please Excuse Laura From Life, She Has A Fail.

My Pinterest boards are basically a collection of shit I'll never get around to doing.
Ditto my various to-do lists.

But I got a new cat:

His name is Rory.  He's big, but he's young.  He's basically a gigantic kitten.  His tail is only about 2/3 as long as most cats' tails.  His eyes are a pale mint green. His meow is very quiet and kind of ruffly, unless he wants food, in which case it's an emergency siren.  He's getting along with Rabi famously. He's alright with Raven and Shelly, but Daisy's been hounding him mercilessly, wanting to play with her new playfellow. Gypsy's scared shitless of him, and I have no idea why.  Rory showed up at a friend's house and wouldn't leave, and his owner never surfaced, and so he came to live with me.

Rory spent his first 2.5 days hiding under the couch unless the dogs were in the backyard;  this picture is part of his current project of learning to traverse the house without touching the ground, where the dogs are.  He's learning to sneak around behind them on the floor, too.

This weekend I'm taking him to get his vaccinations and to have his testicleez removed.


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  1. Your pin boards are no different than anyone else. :p


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