24 December 2013


It took two trips to Lowe's, two trips to Home Depot, and lots of blood and cussing, but I finally got the water line hooked up, and the new dishwasher up and running!

That is a working dishwasher, my friends!  See the little red lights?  That means it's WASHING MY DISHES FOR ME.  I was in ANOTHER ROOM while the dishes were being washed!  It's almost like living like normal people, LOL.

Clean counters!  Clean, empty sink!

The brass part I needed to hook up the water?  I ended up buying three different versions, trying to find something to replace the coupling I couldn't get off the old machine.   On my last visit, a very nice man named Terry actually took the old part from me (still attached to the mounting plate, which I removed and brought with me), and managed to get it apart!  I had tried everything, but I thought it was stuck permanently - turns out I just wasn't strong enough.  Yay, Terry!

And that clean, empty counter space above the WORKING DISHWASHER?   No more Ikea dishrack and stacks of dishes!  My kitchen is finally returned to the way it should be.

Daisy was a bit concerned about the weird sounds it was making.  It's quiet, as dishwashers go; but she's only three, and in her life has never heard one working.  O_O

By the way, something else visible in these photos?

I finally put on the rest of the Ikea cabinet handles that I got in ...um...oh, I guess I never mentioned it, at least, not that I can find.  Look, new cabinet handles!  They're $7 a pair at Ikea, but I got these in the as-is section for half that.  Yay!

I actually need four more (have I mentioned I suck at math?), so, next time I'm there, the set will be completed.

I still have the smoky glass knobs on the upper cabinets;  the gold handles actually look really great with them, with the white uppers and wood lower cabinets.  Yay!



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