04 December 2013

Things I Did Over the Holiday Break, Part II

I finally, FINALLY built that extra project bench in the garage I've been talking about for months!!! 

I know, I know - it doesn't look like much.  In fact, it looks like half a table humping a kitchen furniture.  Which is probably because that's kinda what it is.  I was going to strip all the wood and stain it, or paint it - and you know, I finally realized I didn't care.  It's a shop bench, dude.  It's going to get f'd up.  

Things That Have Been Cobbled Together To Make A New Thing: 
(because they're still on the garage floor, but now they're only taking up ONE spot, and serve a purpose) 

  • counter-height, unfinished kitchen cabinet piece, donated*  by a friend
  • two boards, both alike in dignity 2x12"x6', which have served me many a purpose over the years
  • Two steel table legs, harvested from my old project bench (which you may remember) 
  • Two heavy-duty plastic bed risers
* "donated" = "Come get this or I'm throwing it away."

Okay, so, don't laugh about the bed risers.  They're totally sturdy.  I've used them for years, for various purposes (okay, mostly for making things taller, but, all sorts of things!)  They make the steel legs exactly the same height as the cabinet, so the whole thing is very stable.  I did put non-slip padding in between the risers and the legs, to make sure they wouldn't wobble around if the workbench got bumped or shoved.  And finally, the big, dirty, messy table in the background? That's my WORK table.  This one is just for sitting at, working on small stuff, like putting together lamps and things.  It won't be taking a lot of abuse. 

Ah, my faithful pair of boards.  They started life in a cinder block shelf on my balcony at an apartment complex, so that I could put MOAR PLANTS out there.  One of my favorite spiders started her life in a tiny, tiny web on that shelf, and grew until her webs were three feet across and she was taking down small planes all by herself.  Zippy was so cool.  The boards are strapped together underneath with some scrap lumber, on the open end; and screwed into the cabinet frame on the other end.  Sturdy stuff. 

Okay, so, I do actually plan to spruce this thing up.  I just got tired of waiting for myself to deal with the parts before assembling the thing, and tired of waiting for its assembly in order to finish some small stuff (like lamps!!) that I have waiting in the wings, lacking only a space on which to work.  I will be sanding down the top of the boards and re-sealing them, as well as sealing the cabinet.  I may change my mind and stain both, or paint both.  I have no idea, to be honest. 

Springy-sproingy drawer dividers FTW!  This is not actually what I'll be keeping in this drawer.  I have no clue what I'll keep in it.  This was random junk I grabbed from a nearby pile just to make the picture look better.  I posted this on Facebook, and my friend says, 

"I wanna see what comes of the tent stakes and Moroccan lamps." 

Me:  "Broken glass." 

Her: "No glowy wildebeests?"  

Zippy II



  1. Hee. *takes a bow* Oooh! you have a Golden Argiope, too. Mine went into hibernation, I think.

  2. Aren't they gorgeous? That picture is from Spring 2007, actually. My "garden" isn't flourishing any longer, at least, not enough to support critter life like this. It will again!


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