11 February 2015

"Ok...Who Had 'Two Months'? Two Months? Anyone?"

That would be the sound of my BFF pretending to have taken bets on how long it takes me to completely re-do something once I've finished re-doing it, LOL.  She's kinda right.

In this case, it's the new bedroom from back in November:

Don't get me wrong, I love it.  I was really skeptical about moving from such a huge, open bedroom, into this weeny tiny one, but I LOVE how cozy and secure it feels to sleep in this space.  I haven't been in the habit of just hanging out in my bedroom since I was a teenager, so this room is actually pretty perfect, space-wise, since I only use it for sleeping and dressing.

Between the closet, dresser, and armoire, I have all the storage I need.  I love the colors, the curtains, and the way the room works both visually and functionally.

So what needed changing?

The Bed

You guys remember the big, wooden, canopy bed that I built back in 2009, right?

L-R:  building in 2009, bedroom 2009, 2011, and 2013

As much as I've always loved this bed, it had gotten to be too big - and it was definitely too big for my new, smaller bedroom.  And although I like having a low bed these days, in the new bedroom it wasn't on any sort of frame or platform at all - the box spring was directly on the floor, and it was too low, and too close to where all the dog hair lives.  Blech.

I also really love the metal Ikea headboard;  but I did NOT love the way it mounted directly onto the wall.  It never stayed on the wall, and every time I so much as moved a pillow, the thing would rattle and clang.  And because it mounted to the wall, it limited where I could put the bed in the new bedroom as well.

And so I cut down the posts of the wooden bed.  I made the feet shorter (the bottom of the bed frame is only 4" from the floor), and I turned the 7' canopy posts into shorter, "normal" sized bed posts (60" at the head, and 23" at the foot).  I touched up the stain job on all of the pieces, and reset the mounting brackets as well.  I removed the head-rail piece from the bed, and mounted the Ikea headboard directly onto the posts at the head of the bed using copper tube straps (spray-painted black), so that it was all one piece, and free of the wall - which let me re-position the bed to allow for more floor space in the room.



Now to get some stuff up on that big, empty wall above the bed.  

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