07 November 2016

Bedrooms Underway

I've begun painting - well, okay, priming - my bedroom.  I'm nowhere near ready to show you a whole room yet, but here's a shot of the inside of the box window in progress:

The room itself is a medium/pale blue; inside the box window is a deep teal with a metallic gold paint sponged over it. 

I'm painting the room white for now, because that's what it was before, and I loved it; and also because white paint is what I have (left over from last month when I spent two weeks painting the old house out in a "neutral" color that turned out to be a bit lighter than I thought it would be (Glidden "White Bucks", which is actually a very pale, warm gray. Very pale).  I may change the color later, but for now, I'd really like to be ONE color.

Other plans include purchasing blinds to go into these windows; hanging curtains (blue or white sheers from the old house, not sure yet); and decorating that big, glorious window seat with cushions and plants. I'd also like to replace that window film so that the film is the same on all the panes - something low-e that offers a bit more privacy. (These swirly and frosted-looking bits are lovely, but I can see every detail in that room from the outside, and my eyesight is terrible).

(For reference, the "White bucks" on every square inch of the old house, just after we moved out).

Meanwhile, over the weekend I painted Sylvan's bedroom.  I still have to finish the trim and doors in there, and then paint the ceiling; I'll have pics of that when it's all finished, too.

More soon!

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  1. Ummm, okay. Let's see if I have this correctly. You were in a house and painted it just last month and now you have moved and are painting the new place. I am assuming you knew you were moving, so this must be some form of entertainment for you? Maybe you found a cache of old lead based paint and used it with the windows closed ... that would explain some of it. More likely you are one of those creative people with too much energy to be able to just sit still. (Except when you aren't well - all ahead full! or all stop!)

    I will say this much - I am not typically a blog reader (a bleager? a bleader?) I first stumbled across your Mady blog while looking for some ancestry information. I don't know exactly how but it was a happy accident. Then I read your other linked blogs. You mix good information with some honest personal details and an awesome sense of humour. I find your writing entertaining and I thank you. I also noticed you use several names - maybe the voices in your head insist on that? ... and maybe one of them convinced you to write a book? If so, please give me the details. If not - you should at least consider it!

    Signed: A blog fan from the Great White North.


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