27 May 2010

Coming Soon To an Internet Near You...

Hello, World!

I created a blogger account a while ago to manage all the blogs I read, but my dashboard page kept sitting there. Looking at me. Waiting.

So I've decided to turn this space into a project blog.  I'm constantly working on something, be it painting, sewing, furniture building and refinishing,  re-decorating my house, grubbing around in the garden - you name it; I'm a pretty busy lady.  

And I talk about my projects a bit on my private personal journal online, and a bit on deviantArt where I post about my actual artwork, but I think I'd like to have a space devoted specifically to my various projects around the house.

I'm not entirely sure what shape this blog will end up taking.  I have a few ideas, but I'm still working through them all.  (And while I may post a link or two now and then, this blog will NOT be one of those decorating blogs that only ever re-posts other people's blogs.  I hate that).   I do know there will be tons of pictures, but also a fair bit of me running off at the mouth about the things I'm working on, my plans and ideas, etc. (another thing I'm good at: babbling incessantly, as you may have already noticed). 

I will also, of course, explain the title. Eventually. ;) See you soon.

~ Laura

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  1. Sewing, painting, woodwork...I so envy you! Your kitchen is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your handiwork!


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