29 March 2015

It Goes "Ding" When There's Stuff!

I wasn't going to sew anything for one month after I got back from SCA Gulf Wars, since I'd been sewing practically nonstop for four months straight; but I did break that rule for this, yesterday:

No kidding, I've had this purple jersey knit fabric sitting in a bag for _over a year_ waiting for me to "just be done with this one project" before I'd start it.  Meanwhile, the knit bathrobe I made for myself in 2008 was literally full of holes (puppy) and falling apart at the seams.  So I made this one to replace it.  The pattern is the same as the Japanese clothing I've made in the past for Sir Takuan's samurai costumes in the SCA, and also the one I used for my short, silk robe/cover-up last year.


I've also been working in the yard - cleaning up, and building new garden beds in the backyard.  This is the year I get back out into the garden, yay!  I'm in the midst of it this weekend; I'll have pics when I'm done.  (More details on my garden blog).  

Don't worry, I'm up to my EYEBALLS in stuff I'm working on in the house, too, and I'll have posts and pics later this week! I also have a spiffy new phone coming in the mail in a couple of days - with a better camera on it!  :D 

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