03 January 2017

A New History of Fireplaces

For someone who almost never burns a fire, I sure talk about my fireplace a lot.  The one in the old house went through about 7 transformations over the 12 years that I lived there;  the new house's fireplace recently got it's first (and probably only, tbh) makeover.

New Year's resolution: guitars in every photo (not really)

I actually did the work early in November, while my roommate was out of town visiting her family. I primed and painted the wooden footer pieces to blend in with the brick (not that they're fooling anyone, but I like the way the focus is now on the posts, instead of the odd shapes on the hearth). 

I cleaned and re-painted the brick; and cleaned up the wooden mantel.  I debated whether to actually refinish it - it's not my favorite color, but it matches some of the other wood pieces in the room; and the few white paint splatters on the wood (leftover from its original white paint job) came out with a Magic Eraser.

Did you know the active ingredient in those things in paint stripper? Wear gloves when you use them, please.  Magic can burn your skin.

This is what it looked like before, complete with original floor and wall color.

The posts and the woodwork behind them were painted sort of an admiral-blue.  It was a nice color, but I wanted something a bit more serious. 


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