24 March 2017

The Corner Desk (Before)

Hey, look!  I actually remembered to take a bunch of before pictures!

This corner desk/table was given to me by a friend a couple of years ago.  One of her neighbors put it out with the bulk trash, and she snapped it right up, knowing I'd probably want it.  And she was right:  this is exactly the kind of thing that would cause me to slam on the brakes in the middle of the street to pick up. 

Or it would have been, if it had been nicely finished.  Truth be told I wasn't all that excited about it when I first saw it (but hey, free furniture, amirite?)...until I flipped it over and realized that this thing is solid freaking walnut.  Possibly.  It might be redwood.  I won't know for sure until I get farther along in the stripping process.

30" tall
36 x 36" top surface

1980s, maybe 1970s

Style:  ...?  Generic something.

That drawer knob...no.  It's already in the trash.


Bad, fading, cracking paint job; water/sun damage, and some kind of generalized mank that doesn't come off even when I scrub it clean.

Yes, this is clean. 

I know, right?  Gross.

There are four finishes on this thing: 

1. Streaky, gloppy wood stain, incorrectly applied and incomplete
2. White paint or primer
3. Beige/ivory paint - streaky, patchy, gloppy, and drippy
4. Taupe paint - streaky, patchy, gloppy, drippy

And all of it is chipped and peeling.  Thankfully, it's also stripping really nicely so far.

MUWAHAHAHAHA.  Isn't that disgusting?  I love it. 

Please wear your PPEs and have a bottle of vinegar handy when working with paint stripper, people.  You've seen Fight Club, right?  The lye burn scene?  Yeah. That. Scrape and brush away from yourself, not toward, and keep your legs covered.

 Tools and materials:

• Crown Tuff-Strip spray
• thick neoprene gloves
• eye protection
• long pants and closed shoes, or long apron/tarp toga
• vinegar
• plastic scraper
• stiff plastic "wire brush"
• actual wire brush
• rags
• lots of sandpaper

1. Underside of the table top. I thought that the top was splitting, but you can see here that it's just made of planks which are starting to separate.

2. The stain job is visible here a bit.  Nice color, poor execution. Bad stain jobs make me mad. 

3. The original drawer was replaced with a homemade pine one which barely fits into the frame and doesn't slide well.  Can I stain it to match, or will I end up buying a new front?

Weird hardware.  I know now that this square nut and square screw-drive business is fairly common (especially in Europe); but when I first saw this table, I'd never seen such a thing before, and I thought it might mean that this table is really old.  Nope. 

Oops!  Fumbled the phone and accidentally took this. Enjoy the dad sandals.

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