29 February 2012

Plans of Many Things

So, to give my brains a rest from obsessing about getting ready for our trip in two weeks 9 days, I'm thinking about what I might want to do with the house after we get back.  Because I'm seriously not going to work on SCA stuff for a while.  I want to play with my house!

The storm door is first, obviously.  It'll be a quick project.  I'm contemplating doing a nifty frosted design on the glass with some frosting spray, since the glass isn't tinted.  Haven't decided yet.

The backyard also needs some serious work.  I'd planned to build a pergola over the back patio in like, September, and it never got done.  And there's a garden bed that was empty in the Fall, now full of weeds, that I wanted to have planted by now.

I'm also thinking of painting the fireplace wall in the living room because, well, let's face it - not enough things in my house are blue, LOL.  Riiiight.  But look:

oh, and that tree is dead now, too. 

This is the fireplace wall now.  It's the same color as the rest of the walls in the living room, hallways, dining room, and kitchen (all connected).

the miracle of Photoshop

This is what it would look like blue, and trimmed in the same white paint that I used to make a fake "crown molding" around the top of the room.

I kinda like the way it sets off the tiles, and the wood on the mantel.

Of course, it would also throw into obvious relief the fact that the blue ceilings are totally the WRONG BLUE.

Maybe I should do it all at once. Hm.

OOH!  Or what if the tiles were turquoise??

Is my vacation over yet...



  1. Not "dead", actually...sort of re-booted? There was a knocking-over incident, and then a nice healthy, fun bath in the backyard to de-scuzz the leaves and flush the soil, which I do to all of my plants twice yearly...which resulted in a horrible sunburn, because I'm an idiot and left it out there too long. So she's regrowing - looks a little skeletal at the moment, but she's still healthy and strong, just not lush like she was...yet! :)

    The big ficus did actually die, though. I feel absolutely terrible about that - I really loved it. Replacing it very soon. :)

  2. That dracaena has a history...I inherited from the lady who had my job before me, nearly 16 years ago...and it was ooooolllld then. LOL I hope Stella recovers. Thanks for loving her.

  3. She will - she already is. I have her in my "infirmary" - a window in my bedroom that's protected from the animals, and with fantastic, gentle sunlight - all my "sick" plants go there until they're healthy again. Stella's working on it. One of the four tall stalks has died; but all the others are re-growing lost leaves, and there are TWO new stalks pushing up out of the soil. :)


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