14 February 2012


I haven't died.  That's a relief to some of you, not so much to others.


ooh, ahh.

The last time I decided to tweak the master bedroom (remember that?) I sort of got halfway through - took a bunch of stuff down/apart...and then never got around to putting it all back together.  Sigh.

<-- this is what the window situation has been in the room for, oh, I dunno, the better part of a year now?

And yes, the blinds really ARE that dirty.  They're eight years old!  Why do you think I started spray-painting the ones in the living room last year?

The other day I found a huge pile of nifty sort of taupe-y crinkle-charmeuse panels at the thrift store for like $2 each.  Whee!

That's a little better.  Bear with me, it's a work in progress.  (There's a second layer that's going up behind these curtains, now that I know I like them; and at some point I plan to change the blinds).

I still miss having all the red in the room before (the sari that used to hang over the bed was the wrong shade, which is what prompted the removal of dang near everything in the room except the big stuff and the stuff on the walls last year).

That's better - little touch of magenta (one of the sheer Ikea panels that used to be on the windows).

Next stop:  EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THE ROOM.  Okay, not really.  But the nightstand situation, while convenient, is dumb and boring.  And I miss the curtains around the bed - I keep meaning to put up posts and rails like the old bed had, but I keep not getting around to it (story of my life this year).

And while I love the little lamp I made, (a) I want it in the living room, and (b) I have a really, really cool idea for a pendant for the bedroom...



  1. What happened to your old bed? The one you made...

  2. We got a king-sized mattress/box set in January; the old bed doesn't fit anymore. I keep meaning to use some of the old parts to make a new bed just like it, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

  3. this is what I want to do with my bed...but there's just not enough room. http://pinterest.com/pin/173740498094550196/

  4. Really? Those are so cute, but, wouldn't you feel trapped in there? I would.


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