24 January 2013


As I promised myself, I've hit the ground running after my cruise (after I slept for two days).  SCA's Gulf Wars is in March, and a large percentage of my free time between now and then is going to be devoted to working on my costumes and campsite elements for that event;  but I do have a few things planned around the house.  In fact, last night, after finishing a costume project I've been working on for some months, I hit my craft room like a tornado and cleaned it the heck UP.   I even moved my project board to a new place on the wall (where it'll be more useful), and hung up some new artwork, and a clock.

In the next couple of months, you can expect to see:

  • the progress in the craft room, and some more changes to it
  • changes to the headboard in the bedroom, as well as the art wall
  • a new gallery wall in the hallway next to the living room
  • more painted ceilings
  • new wall color in the guest bath
  • yardwork - can I get the garden going again this year, finally? 
  • general house maintenance, including some effort going into saving energy and money on my electric bill, because holy crap. 0_0  

Slowly, but surely.  Incidentally, if you're interested in the SCA costume/reenactment stuff, there's a link to that blog at the top right of this page; or you can visit it here to see what I've been sewing. 

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