25 January 2013

Hall Overhaul

Remember that mirror I got in December and hung in the hallway between the living room and bedroom?  I adore it.  And I LOVE having a mirror in that hallway.  The table and stuff in there...not so much.  It was a placeholder, until I figured out what to do in that hallway.


I've also missed having a big art wall in the hallway, ever since I did it a few years ago.  And I adore vintage-looking botanical prints, but each time I try to pull off an arrangement of them, I end up hating it, usually because of the frames.  I have about a half-billion of them, and nearly all of them are black.  

I loved the bronze-y color of this mirror frame, though, and the way it works with the wall color.  And I just happened to have a metallic spray paint that yields just about that exact color.  So...


I LOVE the frame color!  And all the prints I found (for free, around the internet. Yay color printers!).  What I'm not sure about is the arragement.  I didn't move the mirror at all, just hung the prints around it.  I think I'd like to slide the whole thing over to the left and put another row of botanical prints down the other side of the mirror to balance it out.   I'll do some more thinking about this.  For now, it was free, quick, and easy, to change it up.  Fun! 

I think my favorite thing is that no matter which way you're looking, the mirror reflects a plant, so it fits right in, hehe. :)


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  1. Cute! Although, I must say, I miss being on your wall of infamy. Hee.


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