22 March 2013

Day Sofa Cover Achievement: Unlocked


To' up, salvaged,  foam couch cushions "cleverly" concealed  by an old white matelassé blanket.  Not that I don't love the blanket - I adore it, actually.  I've had it since high school, but it's long since become too stiff to sleep under at night.


First step:  corral all those foam cushions into one long mattress for the sofa with a fitted cover made from an old sheet.:

apologies for the weird angle. 


Blanket turned cover!

apologies for the night picture.  :/ 

Yes, it's all floppy.  I wanted it that way.  All I did was fold the blanket in half lengthwise, pin around one edge and one end, sew it, and then slip it on like a pillowcase and fold the open end inside.  (1) I wanted the scalloped edge of the blanket to show, because that's one of my favorite things about it, and (2) when I get done dressing this thing up with pillows, put the back on, and rearrange the furniture the way I'm thinking of doing, it'll end up looking like a piled-up little daybed in the corner here.  :) 

Next:  a lamp! 


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