21 March 2013


Check it out:

I know, right? EEUGH.  Gynecologist-waiting-room-pink, and gross bright brass.  Four bucks at the thrift store (aaaaaand cue the song).

I took it apart.  I stripped the paint inside the glass with Kleen Strip spray stripper, which I had on hand (but not before I gave up on how to get the paint out of there, not realizing that I had the spray stripper until I found it while searching for a missing cat).

I dried and re-sprayed the inside of the glass, sprayed the base and the finial on top of the glass under the bulb hardware, located a turny-knob for the switch in my Box O' Lamp Parts in the garage, and put it back together.

It still needs a shade.  I've been playing with all of my lampshades, from other lamps, as well as extras lying around - nothing looks quite right.  Too big, too small, dumb shape, etc.  I'll be hunting around thrift stores for the perfect one (or something I can make into the perfect one, hehe).  Meanwhile, here's Johnny:

The lamp, not the shade, hehe.  Tada!  This shade sucks, but this photo was of the "does this thing work?" test. The hunt for the right shade continues!

I really, really love the way the jar came out, and the warm, pale silver with the creamy,  milky glass.

More soon.


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