24 April 2014

A Saw! A Paintbrush! Hoocha Hoocha Hoocha ! LOBSTER.

So, anyway...

You guys remember this pot rack shelfy thing I made for my kitchen? 

Seemed like a good idea at the time.  And it worked - my pots and pans were right there, ready to grab; and for a while, at least, the trash can being somewhat sheltered kept the dog out of it.  Until she figured out how to drag it out and open the lid (without knocking it over, even). 

Once I began living alone (nearly a year ago, now!), I had far more cabinet space, so my pots and pans got new homes out of sight, and the pot rack that I built moved to the back porch, as a beautiful potted plant display random-crap-I-couldn't-be-arsed-to-put-away repository.  

Last night, finally fed up with it looking like hell, not matching the house, and being completely too big and in my way, I took a saw and some black paint to it: 

And because I'm nothing if not consistent, I hereby vow to: 
  • fill this with beautiful plants and toys
  • put the tools away that are standing in the corner
  • finish cleaning up and updating the rest of the porch, and
  • post pics when I'm done. 
None of which, as you know, will get done.  But hey, you never know.  


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