07 April 2014

The Color Post

I finally got around to matching up ALL of my house colors and creating a little collection of sample cards for future matching and/or re-painting purposes!  I'm not sure how I'll organize it all just yet (I'd make a scrapbook type thing, but I know I'd never keep up with it), but for the time being, here are the colors in my home:

Ceilings, throughout the house:  Behr's White Clay

Walls, common areas (kitchen, dining, halls, living/music room):  Glidden's Wood Smoke

Doors in the house:  Behr's Carbon

Sewing Room:  Glidden's Pale Red Dust

Master Bedroom:  Martha Stewart Living's Rainwater

Master Bathroom:   Behr's Urban Raincoat

Exterior trim (behind):  Behr's Farmhouse

Exterior siding (front): Behr's Old Map

Some Notes:

  • I did not choose the exterior colors, and I hate them.  I matched the exterior colors because I may need to paint a new garage door  (when I get it replaced) to the house.  Playing with paint samples I think if I had a clearer "white" on the trim, instead of Farmhouse, which is a really gross green-white, I might be happier with the siding.  Really, though, the whole house needs to be repainted.  It's 10y old. 
  • Yes, the blues in the master suite are supposed to match.  I have some things planned for the master bathroom and linen closet for the upcoming months; when I start work in that end of the house I'll be repainting the entire suite in a single color.  
  • The only spaces missing from this post are the guest bath and adjacent hallway, which are painted from floor to ceiling in White Clay;  and the "art studio" (giant closet), which is just primer-white for now. 


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