14 October 2014

Got My Colors Did, Part II



Oddly enough, the color in the master bedroom didn't have an exact match; but it's about midway between SW's "Comfort Gray" and "Rainwashed" - Rainwashed is a tad greener and lighter than Comfort Gray.  It usually looks more like the second picture here.

"Comfort Gray" via Pinterest

"Rainwashed", Pinterest

My master bedroom.  


It's always bugged me that the master bath and master bedroom are different colors. The laundry was painted with the leftovers from the master bath.  SW's "Krypton", which is just an *awesome* name.  :) 

My laundry room

My master bath


Another color I mixed from scratch, just to use up this gallon of a very weird pink that I had sitting around, not being used.  I mixed a LOT of "White Clay"/"Aesthetic White" into it, plus a bit of yellow to peach it up a bit - the result is a very ballet-slipper color that I like.  Not quite peach, not quite pink; color, but not something so eye-catching that it distracts me from my work, which is exactly what I need in my work room. SW's "Abalone Shell"...


My sewing room, which is usually much more cluttered.

So what now? 

I haven't mentioned it yet, but in December my BFF is going to be moving in with me!  YAY!  It's a move we've been talking about for months now - we could both use a hand financially, and, though my own space was ALL I wanted two years ago, I've decided that for myself, living alone is for the freaking birds.  Now I'll have a friend around!  I'm so excited!  

So, given that change, there's going to be a LOT of work going into the house in the next couple of months before Sylvan moves in.  I still haven't painted the living room ceiling, which I meant to do back in 2012!!! when I did EVERY OTHER CEILING IN THE HOUSE.  Talk about procrastination, jeez.   

I'll also be painting Sylvan's room (formerly my room-of-all-trades, which has been a guest room, art studio, and very large closet, over the years); as well as doing a loooot of fix-it jobs that I've been putting off all year.  

The biggest change - deep breath, here goes nothing - is that I've decided to move, too:  into my sewing room!  I'll be swapping the sewing room and my master bedroom; the master will become ONE CRAFT ROOM TO RULE THEM ALL - a gigantic craft space that we can both share, with it's own bathroom and washroom facilities, and a humongous closet for supplies and fabric.  

LOTS more to come in the next few weeks; though I've also got a lot of SCA on my plate, so I'll be staggering posts on that blog and this one.  

See you soon! 

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  1. Wow...you're actually taking my suggestion. I think it will be a great space. You'll still have your own bathrooms, but wow....can't wait to come craft-party when it's ready.


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