13 October 2014

Got My Colors Did

So, about a month ago I helped paint a living room and dining room for a friend of mine in her new house.  During the day, we made a trip to Sherwin Williams for supplies, where I picked up a free chip deck with a coupon my friend had.  Yay!   If you've been reading long, you know I've been meaning to get one, to really match up all the paint colors in my house. I've mixed most of them myself, and so I never knew what they were called! So here's a collection of the SW colors that match what I've done in my house:



The walls in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways, are all the same, since all of those spaces are open to each other.  I painted them that way back in 2008 for a soft, neutral, contiguous effect in the open areas.  This was one paint I purchased:  Behr's "Woodsmoke."  It matches to Sherwin Williams' "Mindful Gray"...

My dining room, 2013


The white color on my ceilings, doors, molding/trim, and upp kitchen cabinets (which also matches my kitchen and bathroom countertops, still the builders' original), originally mixed myself from white primer with a bit of orange and pink, turned out to be a perfect match to Behr's "White Clay."  In Sherwin Williams' new color pack, it's "Aesthetic White," shown here...

Master bedroom - ceiling and trim


The doors in my hallway, and some of the pieces of furniture that I've painted, which started life as a deep blue-charcoal with black mixed in, match SW's "Tricorn Black:"


Side hallway; with "Aesthetic White" on the walls

A small table that I built with an old candlestick.

I'm so pleased that I finally have ACTUAL color matches!  I'm out of ALL of these colors; next time I need to do touch up, or match something, I'll have to go buy new paint, so this is going to come in VERY handy. 

I'll do the actual COLORS tomorrow!  :D  


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