05 January 2015

HYLLIS Console Unit: Ikea Hack Finished!

Here's the finished Hyllis console unit:

Since the last post, where I cut off a third of each shelving unit, I have: 
  • inserted the removed shelves into the top half of the shortened units
  • primed and painted the whole thing 
  • drilled new holes in the upright, side posts so that I could bolt the three units together at the insides
  • assembled, glued, trimmed, planed, filled, sanded, and stained the wooden top (I made a board, lol)
  • drilled holes in the top so that I could attach the wooden top
  • loaded the whole thing with electronics, books, and DVDs 
[Whoops!  I had a bit here about the tv that I haven't actually done yet; which is what you get for writing a blog post before you do something, and then not proofreading before you post!  I still need to swap out my tv for Sylvan's larger one.  Mine will go into the craft room for background movies while we work.]

The next step will be to get some shelving up onto the wall above the Hyllis unit, like this: 

Made with Olioboard

More soon.


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