18 December 2014

A HYLLIS Makeover of My Own

After seeing this post from Skreytum Hus (via Apartment Therapy), I suddenly had the solution to all of my "entertainment center" problems!  Sylvan and I wanted a wall-o-shelving around our tv, and had seen many an idea online, but hadn't decided on anything, until we saw what Soffia had done.  What a fantastic idea!

I started with three of Ikea's galvanized steel HYLLIS shelving units - only $14.99 each.  I assembled them before I did anything else, to get a feel for how much space on the wall they'd take up, and exactly what I wanted to do with them.  It was simple enough: remove the bottom row of shelves, leaving the units about 35" high.

It took me three days of searching high and low for two missing hacksaws (the hell??) before I remembered I have a Dremel.  Fail.

I left the shelves fully assembled to do this. I thought about taking them apart to cut the legs off, but I was leery of messing up the measurements.  This way let me "measure" by wrapping a piece of blue painters' tape around each leg, just below what would become the new bottom shelf, and then just cutting off below the tape. Easy.


I'm here to tell you, there's a reason those little round cutoff wheels come in packs of a million.  #%&@#$!@$

Wear your safety glasses, kids.


Now to paint them!  Oh, no...wait...no metal primer in stock.

I set about working on the top for the unit instead.  It's simple enough - some 4" pine bed slats I wasn't using anymore, pieced to create a 74x13" tabletop that will span all three HYLLIS units when placed side by side, and glu---

Aaaand I'm out of wood glue.  THE HELL??

And so...to be continued, LOL.


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