28 October 2016

Bit By Bit

We're still deep in the throes of unpacking and trying to find places for things; but we've reached the point where along the way, some spaces are beginning to come together.

The "breakfast nook" area is now an open storage/pantry area.

It's not done yet, but it's a good start.

The yellow will be going away VERY soon.  We hates yellow, Precious! 

The baker's rack on the right side is now a coffee bar. 
It's so fun to use!  No more giant coffee machine taking up counter space.

This baker's rack originally had a wooden work surface on the top of it, which I chopped up and made into cutting boards, oh, six or seven years ago.  And guess what it needs now?  A wooden work top.  One of about a frillion items on my to-do list.


The entryway is blue!  Or is it?  Maybe it's green.  No, no, definitely blue.  Wait...it's green!  WHAT COLOR IS THIS PAINT?! (Sherwin Williams' Comfort Gray:  for your Mood Hallway) 

Now, if I can just locate the box that has all the entry stuff in it...

Just for comparison's sake, here's a shot of the old paint job, in the process of being primed.  You can also see a bit of the old entry way tile in this pic. 

The gray wood-look ceramic tile in the pics above goes throughout the entire house.  I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but it definitely makes a good, neutral background for everything.

More soon!


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