14 June 2017

Under Construction

Well, it's been three months - I suppose I should update this thing and let you all know where the heck I've been.

I broke my foot! I was out on a bike ride with a friend, and when the group stopped to take a photo together, I stepped in a hole and rolled my foot upside-down, which broke two bones in my foot and strained the ligament that wraps around them both (the sound it made...eeugh).  I've been grounded since then, strapped into a velcro SpaceBoot, and pretty much unable to do anything besides lay around with my leg propped up.

The upside is that I have a really cool knee scooter to wheel around on, and while it's not my bike, it sure is fun.  It's confusing, a bit - it feels kind of like a bike, and kind of like a skateboard.  My body says, "Do I bunny hop over that extension cord on the floor, or ollie it?"  and my brain says, "GIRL."

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The silver lining here is that I'm finally starting to get around a lot better.  In three weeks I get to trade my SpaceBoot for a flexible brace, start physical therapy, and start walking again.  I may be able to get back on my bike by the end of July. 

Meanwhile, I'm contemplating resuming work on the pair of desks I started in March.  The smaller one, the one I'm refinishing, needs some alterations that I can't do yet, because I can't stand up at the workbench for long enough yet.  But the corner desk, at this stage, is still just sitting down and stripping and sanding and stripping and sanding.  So we'll see how that all goes. 

My brand-new bike, my very first actual road bike, which I
haven't ridden since I broke my foot.  I'm counting the days. 

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