13 November 2017

Finally: The Kitchen

Finally, a post!  Hi, I'm Laura, and it has been 152 days since my last post. Life got a little weird there for a while, and I sure as heck wasn't working on the house.  But I'm back at it, and since (a) people always congregate in kitchen at parties, and (b) my roommate's 40th birthday party is this coming weekend, I painted the kitchen*:

Here's the "breakfast nook" side of the kitchen, after painting.  The color is Glidden's "Fresh Thyme Green," matched to a broken shard of a beloved bowl, which served as the color inspiration.

Here's the old color - kind of a baby-duck-yellow, which is pretty, but I'm not a yellow person at all.

The color was old, as well - the walls were covered in weird little scrapes and mars, years of grime and spatters, and over two dozen various holes and gouges in the walls that had to be filled.

The tile guys never finished out the baseboards in the house when they installed them, either; so every room in this house has started with filling and caulking in all the baseboards and trim, and priming and painting it all, too.

There was also this little section of a gold/ochre colored paint on one side of the kitchen window.


Eventually, I need to clean and repaint the soffits above the kitchen cabinets, too. I'd remove them entirely and open up the room, but the soffits above the stove and sink contain pipes!  Oh, well.

I absolutely love this color.  All of our kitchen accessories were already this color, so just by changing the wall color, the entire room is transformed and brought together.  I also LOVE the way it looks with all the different wood tones in the room.

This is Bob.  Bob almost got squished because I thought he was a drop of paint.

My favorite view of the kitchen:  The coffee bar on a metal baker's rack, and the Ikea cabinet given to me by a friend a couple of years ago (I traded her for my old cabinet, actually, and we're both better off!).

* I wavered, for a while, over whether to tackle the kitchen or the master bathroom first.  I opted for the kitchen, since I know people will be cycling through it all evening.  But then the toilet in the guest bath broke.  I had to order a specialty part from The Internet, which was supposed to arrive last week, but now isn't going to show up until the day before the party.  Can I get it fixed in time, or will our guests have to use the ugly, cramped, dingy master bathroom in the crowded, crappy master bedroom (craft room) instead? 

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