16 August 2011

DIY Shopping, September Edition

Not that there was a previous edition, or ever will be another.  You never know.

Let's! Go! Shopping!

  1. 3 packages drywall anchors & screws
  2. 1 metal wall-mount shelf rail
  3. 3 metal shelf brackets (the kind that hang from said rail)
  4. 3 pieces of oak-veneer MDF, 1/4" (unrelated to the shelving parts)

Advance Auto Parts
Which is, by the way, my very favorite auto parts store. They're always nice, patient, well-informed and informative - and they don't give me that "Helpless Little Woman" crap that some auto parts places are notorious for with female customers!  Yes, I CAN work on my own car, thank you very much, and I don't need testicles to do it! 
  1. air filter
  2. gas cap (because mine broke yesterday! WTF?) 
Big. Brass. Ovaries.

(Ikea with three exclamation points, because that's how much I love it).
  1. 2 packages LILL sheer mesh curtain panels
  2. 3 15" SAMLA clear storage boxes
  3. linen fabric (AINA), white, yardage to be determined when I see the quality in person


 Now to DO something with all that stuff! I did put the gas cap on yesterday before I even left the store parking lot.  And I put everything away when I got home instead of dumping it on the dining room table or the garage floor, LOL. 

Got caught up on my sewing last night, and repaired a table that I bought from a friend last week, which I broke the second I got home, LOL.  More on that later in the week. :)

Ok, so I haven't gone to Ikea yet. Thursday! 


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