18 August 2011

The Oldest Wildebeest

So, this wood I bought at Lowe's the other day.

As I've mentioned before, once upon a time I kept a crap-ton of aquariums.  I migrated from various types of fish to newts, in my twenties; but then last year, my last aging newt finally kicked the bucket, and I took down my last aquarium.  I've missed it terribly.  I miss the soft bubbling in the background, the light from the water reflections bouncing around the room, watching the cats watching Fish TV, lol.

In 2006 I began building an aquarium cabinet: 

July 2006

painted and sealed interior, with floor. August 2006

...And then I stopped.  I had a very good reason for not finishing this cabinet...not that I remember what it was now, five years later.  But all this cabinet needed was an outside, a shelf in the middle, and a top.

That's where my trip to Lowe's this week comes in:  I now have materials to create walls, doors, and a shelf on the inside.  Will I get it done this weekend?

To be continued...


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