11 August 2011

A Wildebeest!

 The "after" shot to yesterday's "before": 

Well, okay, I guess that was "during" shot.  Or, if you want to get technical about it, it's an "Oh, crap, I forgot to take a 'before' picture! Where's my phone?" picture.

This cute, pretty much pointless little footstool was a $5 find at Goodwill a couple of weekends ago that I finally found a couple of hours to re-upholster this week. Violets and roses out, red velvet in!  (Red velvet, I might add, that I bought a 2-yard swath of from a friend for a dollar at her garage sale. Woot!  The brown gimp around the edge was a remnant from a costume I made in January).

D'oh! I took the pic before I brushed it smooth.

Just a wee bit of scenery to stow in a corner.  It's still on my sewing table at the moment, until I decide where to put it (I actually bought it to take SCA-camping with me, tee-hee).

There's probably a cat on it as we speak.


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