21 March 2011

I suck less than on Friday!

Bedroom after pics, as promised:

But first, a Before

The bed was on the west wall, with the windows on the south (left in this picture), and the bathroom on the north (right)...

And After

Looking at the north wall, <3 the new arrangement of art

Moved the [new] bed between the windows on the south wall, taking advantage of the 16x18' room - WAY more space on each side, which allows for a little chair to sit in.  This is just the same Ikea wicker chair I've had for years, acting as a placeholder (and cat bed) until I find a spiffy one on craigslist that I can re-upholster.

Another shot of the "reading corner", with bathroom doors

These aren't the greatest pics - my old camera is still not working all that well, so I took all these with my phone.  At least it's a new phone, and takes better pics than my old one, lol.

outline of old bed placement - WAY more space now!

I don't yet have a decent shot of the sari that I hung over the head of the bed as a sort of canopy - I really love it, but I couldn't get the right light in the room to get a big picture.  You can't see it in this picture, but there's a fluffy plant hanging between the sari and the window, and I plan to hang a second one on the other side, as well as bring in one of my potted trees to put next to that chair. 

because I'm a ding-a-ling
 This is what happens when you don't have a plumb line - you tie a bell to a long strip of ribbon!  Hey, it works: the sari's hung straight. :D

pile of stuff on my dressing table, painted rock a friend made

I still need bedding - you can see in the pics that the box springs are uncovered, and I'm still using the queen-sized comforter from the old bed, hehe.  I also still need to get to work on building the new wooden bed footboard, side boards, and posts to affix to the metal frame.  Work in progress!

Post cat count: 4

Yet to do:
  • build the wooden bed parts and install them
  • replace the bedding
  • repaint the ceiling
  • 2 more plants

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