16 September 2012

Holy crap, it worked!

In the midst of a housecleaning binge today, while doing the Knick Knack Rodeo I'd been telling myself I was going to do for the past two months, I decided it was time to clean out all my incense pots.  (I burn a lot of incense).  I use beach sand in them, and after a while, the sand gets full of ash, sticks, and bits of incense that didn't get burned - also dust, dead leaves from houseplants, dog hair, and all sorts of random stuff (even fingernail clippings, back when I was married.  *is giving the ex that look*).  Every so often I sieve all the sand to remove the bits and shake off the dust and ash, and re-fill the pots.

This time I decided to do something about the nasty appearance of this little brass pot:

It's not much, and it only cost me like a buck at the thrift store, but it makes a great little incense burner pot.  I cleaned it up and polished it when I brought it home, but it didn't really get all that shiny or anything, because what do I know about polishing brass, you know?  

I thought to myself, "Well, it says on Pinterest..."  (which is how blogs like Pintester and Pinstrosity are born, lol).  

I poked around the kitchen and laundry room briefly.  Baking soda: check.  Peroxide: check.  Lemon juice: no.  Scrubbing toothbrush: check.   Okay then. Plain ol' peroxide and baking soda it is, then.  (I wasn't sure what to expect, here.  I'd tried the same mixture on my pots and pans, and while it worked extremely well, it was also slow as crap.  After soaking one pan for like eight hours it was mostly clean. Ugh). 

Holy crap you guys!  I scrubbed for a second or three with the toothbrush before I realized I didn't even have to scrub.  Places where the mixture was dripping around the side of the pot were just as shiny and gold as places I'd scrubbed, so I just used the toothbrush to smear the baking soda/peroxide mixture around the outside and inside, let it sit for a few seconds, and rinsed it off, then dried the pot.  


And, you know, yeah, it could be cleaner than this.  I have stuff to do, though. 



  1. Cool. Use a rag next time, tho'. The toofbrush could really scratch some brass things. Imma have to try this on some stuff. :)

  2. Ooh, good idea. I don't really care about this thing - I don't even like it, to be honest, but it makes a great incense burner, LOL. But I'll remember that if I ever have any brass I do care about f'ing up. :)


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