13 September 2012


In fact, after a necessary break from house-y stuff during which I sewed my ass off for the SCA, I've gotten back to work around the house.  (Finally).

Thing #1

I picked up this mirror from Goodwill last week for $5.99.   It's meh.  Nice wood, not crazy about the color, or the style, to be honest.  But it was six bucks, and the right size.


But with a couple of coats of plain ol' black paint:

hey, look:  potential!

You guys remember the long entry hall, right?

long hallway is long. 
coat rack from salvaged headboard

I flipped all this business to the opposite side of the hall (the coat rack was already on that side, actually), and hung the new oval mirror next to the "Moroccan" one that was already over this "landing strip" shelving unit.

YAY.  I like this so much better.  It feels more balanced, and everything is all on one wall together.  I can now use the outlet that was hidden behind the shelf before.  And, best of all, the two mirrors catch light from the dining room and bounce it down the hallway, so it's not so cave-like with the door closed.

granted, I'm shooting against the light here,
but this is about how dark it normally is. 


The only thing I didn't move was the picture frame that was up there. I'm not sure what to do with it just yet, but I'll let you know.  Meanwhile, check out the awesome light patterns the two mirrors throw onto the opposite wall!

That. Is freaking cool.  I think this wall needs some art - something big, not this little Buddha painting all by itself.  I'll have to come up with something that will be enhanced by the nifty mirror reflections.

Thing #2 tomorrow...


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