18 September 2012

Insert One [1] Coffee To Continue

Proof that I'm too tired to be at work today:

As I was scrolling through my Google reader, catching up on all the new entries on all the blogs and websites I follow, I came across this entry from Apartment Therapy.   I thought it said "monkey."  I really did.  In the title, and in the byline.  I went to the website so I could look in the pictures for the monkey, because I didn't get it on first glance.  The Kitchen Renovation Monkey?  You want me to put my monkey where?? Huh?

While it's a well-known fact (to me, anyway) that every time I'm working on a project in the garage, a bee flies in, inspects my work, and then leaves.  For eight years.  I call her the Home Improvement Bee.  But I don't have a Renovation Monkey.

What I DO have is a pretty cool update to my fireplace façade.  I even took pictures.  AND I remembered to bring the camera into the office with me so I could upload said pictures.   I did not, however, remember to bring the cable that connects the camera to the computer.  Sigh.

So tomorrow, I shall bring you both a pretty cool fireplace update, and a Renovation Monkey.


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