17 December 2012


There are a LOT of things going on in Laura-land this month, including lots of little bits around the house; but as always (er, lately), I remain too bogged down in my costuming schedule to get much around the house finished so that I can show you.

But here's a wee bit I did over the weekend.  I'm preparing to gut my bedroom closet and re-do it.  Part of the equation is moving the door mirror to the closet door from the small hallway between the living room and bedroom.  I really like having a mirror in that hallway, though, so I picked up a new one over the weekend to stick there, since I didn't have one large enough for the space.

That's also the Victorian plant stand that I'm in the middle of refinishing.  It's not done yet, but it won't be a big deal to put Garden Buddha on the floor for a day when I'm ready to finish refinishing it (it's been scrubbed, partially stripped, and sanded smooth.  It just needs a stain touch-up and to be re-sealed).  Garden Buddha still has a broken arm, but, for the time being I'm just imagining him as the Bodisattva of amputation.  ;)

I like that.  I do not like, however, the way these two small tables with things hanging over them are so similar, and so close to each other.  It feels like doing a double-take every time I look towards this doorway.  

I also miss this:  

Not the colors, but I loved having that hallway full of artwork and photographs.   And I liked this whole-hallway collection far better than the more linear and cleaned-up version I did when I first painted the living room gray: 


So I'm thinking of going back to the giant gallery collection thing in that hallway, around that new mirror.  I'm just not sure of exactly how it's going to go just yet.


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