07 February 2013

In Time, All Things Return

This is my bedroom, as of the last time you saw it:

King size, plain metal frame, two dumb-ass nightstands which actually have since been replaced with cuter ones, one of which is a little dresser.

Not that I bothered to take a picture.

The bedroom has evolved quite a bit over the past several years.  It's one of the two main rooms in the house in which I'm never satisfied with anything, and LOVE playing with, so it changes all the time.

This is how it looked in 2009.  This is the bed I built in 2008, and the Ikea mattress that's been in the guest room ever since Kress and I got the king.

Peaceful, monochromatic, and simple.

I've actually missed this bed.  I've thought about re-working it to fit the king, but never gotten around to it.  It didn't seem quite right, somehow.  So it lived in the garage for a while.

Kress and I are now roommates and great friends, rather than a couple.  He and his big king bed live in another room now, and once again I've set up my wooden canopy bed, and the queen-size mattress set from Ikea that's been living in the guest room all this time.  Voila:

That's happy.   :)

More changes to come. Stay tuned.


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