28 February 2013

New Shoes!

Well, not exactly.  I had this pair of red canvas shoes from Target that I LOVED - they were soooo comfy, but they were also old and ratty and faded.  They'd been washed a billion times, worn to the beach and around the garden, and were not only faded, but the rope trim around the bottom was fuzzy and unravelling, too.

Plus, I really wanted some black ones that I could wear with everything if I wanted to.

So I made some!   One of the things I do in the SCA is paint silk banners, so I had some black Dye-Na-Flow fabric paint sitting around, and I thought, what the hell, these things are shot anyway, might as well try it.  I trimmed up the frazzled trim and took a paintbrush to the shoes, then ran them through the dryer on high heat to set the dye/paint after it was dry, and voila:

(the "gray" spot on the left foot is a camera flare, sorry)


I promise I haven't forgotten about you, or that couch I keep mentioning.  Soon!


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