14 February 2013

Um...Never Mind.

Well, I THOUGHT I was going to have an update on the living room furniture today for you, but I sort of just FAIL.

About a week ago I made a cover for the cushions on my little folding day sofa, to turn them from a bunch of cut-up couch cushions into an actual mattress for the frame.  No problem.

Last night I got a spare hour, and made a really pretty little pillowcase-like slipcover for it.  Casual, cute, soft, neutral, and easily removed to be washed and de-cat-haired when necessary.  And I measured it.  I did. Several times.  I accounted for seam allowances and finishing and everything.

And it was still way too small.  I have no idea what happened.  Sigh.


Over the next few days, I'm hoping I can show you a fixed version of that and thereby a finished day sofa.  I'm also working on that brown couch again,  and I have a NEW sofa to tell you about soon, too.

Soon.  Good night, I have SO much crap to do right now.


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